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JackRabbits Kids Ski Program

Thank you for your interest in our youth training programs. Our programs are taught by volunteer coaches who are trained through the Cross Country BC Coach Development Program. We strive to provide a fun and rewarding experience for all participants. Recognizing the importance of proper equipment to your child’s enjoyment, and skill development, we provide quality gear for a nominal rental fee. We have three training programs available for young skiers and a track attack program for junior racers:  Join a Program

We run programs weekly starting mid December on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Wednesday sessions are at Lake Lillian early winter and Panorama later winter 4 - 5 pm. Saturday sessions are at Lake Lillian, Panorama or Nipika starting at 10 or 11 am.

Current cost (2016/2017) for the program is $55 for Bunnyrabbits, $85 for Jackrabbits, $100 for Track Attack and $250 for our Race Team (keen kids age 10+). Rentals are $40-$50/set for the season. Club membership is additional ($60 for an individual or $140 for a family).

You can register by stopping in at Crazy Soles running store, online, or by emailing Cam (see below).

Bunny Program

This parent and tot program is for 3-5 year olds.  Kids are introduced to the sport through play-based activities. Emphasis is on basic skills including balance, movement on skis, as well as falling and getting back up again! This age is an excellent time to learn this fun sport.  The Ski Bunny Program is specifically designed for this age group and emphasizes fun and balance.

  • Poles are not required.
  • Skiers learn by play and discovery.
  • A parent or guardian is required to participate with their child to provide help with getting up, keeping warm, and staying engaged for the short session.



This program is for 6-9 year olds. All kids of this age group are welcome including young skiers that have mastered the bunny program and those that are new to cross country skiing, and are eager to get skiing and have fun! Emphasis is on developing basic skills into refined technique. Kids are grouped into one of four levels:

Level 1

Fun activities and games develop skills including balance, falling and getting back up, turning around, basic movement on skis, herringbone up hills, snowplough braking down hills and diagonal striding. Parent participation is encouraged during lessons for 6 year olds.

Level 2

Emphasis is still on fun, of course, further developing skills already learned in level one. Other skills will be introduced such as gliding diagonal stride, double poling, kick turns, snowplough stops and snowplough turns.

Level 3

Level 2 skills are further developed with more emphasis on skating techniques while still frolicking in the snow.

Skills introduced include one-step double poling, free skate, downhill tuck, diagonal skate and skate turns.

Level 4

All basic ski skills are further refined with the introduction of one skate, two skate, step turns, parallel side slipping downhill, and offset.

Track Attack

The Track Attack program is intended for young skiers aged 9 and older who have completed Jackrabbits or reached a comparable level of skiing. The program is designed to promote the continued physical and skill development of young cross-country skiers. The program recognizes that the age window of 9 to 12 is one of the most important periods of physical motor skill development in children. Training is intended to encourage enjoyment of the sport while refining ski technique and improving overall physical condition.  Join the program

We encourage a fun, team based approach which includes travel to local Nordic venues to participate in club events and races.

If you have any questions about the programs, or if you are interested in a volunteer coach position, feel free to contact me for more information. Youth Programs Coordinator: Cam Gillies(click to email).